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The Supreme Court

If you are dissatisfied with the final judgment of either the district court or the court of appeal, the Supreme Court (HD) is the final instance to which you can appeal. However, it is not possible to appeal against all cases to the Supreme Court.

Leave to appeal is required for a case to be considered. This is granted by the Supreme Court itself, basically only in those cases where it is important to establish a judgment that may provide guidance for the Swedish district courts and courts of appeal. Such judgments are called 'precedents'. If you consider that the court of appeal has adjudicated incorrectly in a matter, this is consequently not sufficient for leave to appeal to be granted. This means that the court of appeal is in practice the final instance for most cases.   

Where is the Supreme Court located?

The Supreme Court is located in Bondeska Palace at Riddarhustorget in Stockholm and considers cases on appeal from the six courts of appeal in Sweden.

Who do you come into contact with at the Supreme Court?

There are approximately 100 people working at the Supreme Court, as Justices of the Supreme Court, judge referees, court secretaries and chancery staff.

The Justices of the Supreme Court are the judges of the Supreme Court. They are appointed by the Government. The Supreme Court has sixteen Justices of the Supreme Court and one of the Justices of the Supreme Court is the president and administrative head of the Court.

Besides the Justices of the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court has approximately 30 lawyers presenting matters. The have the title of Judge Referees and are responsible, among other things, for preparing cases.

The Supreme Court also has a Head of Chancery, who is the manager responsible for all staff, except the Justices of the Supreme Court. Furthermore, some 20 court secretaries, personnel and finance administrators, IT officers, librarians, registrar, together with assistant registrars and archive officers, work within the Chancery.

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