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Land and Environment Courts

Land and Environmental Courts are special courts which hear cases that, for example, concern environmental and water issues, property registration and planning and building matters.

The five Land and Environment Courts are part of the District Courts in Nacka, Vänersborg, Växjö, Umeå and Östersund. Land and Environmental Court of Appeal is part of Svea Court of Appeal.

The courts were established 2 May 2011 and replaced, among other things, earlier property courts and environment courts.

Typical cases

Different types of cases and matters occur. A few examples are:

  • permits for waterworks operations as well as environmentally harmful operations
  • issues of health protection, environmental protection, sanitation, contaminated areas and toxic waste
  • damages and compensation issues with environmental ties
  • issues of building, demolition and site improvement in accordance with planning and building laws
  • site leasehold rights cases
  • appeal of planning matters
  • cases in accordance with laws pertaining to property registration, construction and utility easement
  • expropriation cases

How a case is initiated

A case or matter can be initiated through an application for a permit for operations on waterworks or operations which are harmful to the environment. It can also concern an appeal of a judgement from a municipality or an administrative authority, for example, a building permit. In certain instances, a case is initiated through an application for summons.

How a case is settled

In the settling of cases and matters, the judicial competencies as well as expert knowledge within the area of operations are important. Legally trained judges adjudicate alongside technical advisors and particular members of court.

The technical advisors, who are employees of the court, have technical or  scientific education. The particular members provide expertise within the area that the case or matter concerns. They are not employees of the court, but work per assignment. Lay judges do not adjudicate in Land and Environmental Courts.

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Where are the Land and Environment Courts?

Contact details and areas of the courts

Nacka District Court

Umeå District Court

Vänersborgs District Court

Växjö District Court

Östersunds District Court

Land and Environment Court of Appeal

Svea Court of Appeal