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Migration Courts

The Swedish Migration Board makes decisions on matters concerning residence permits, Swedish nationality and other similar matters. If you receive a rejection decision from the Swedish Migration Board, you can appeal against it to the Migration Courts, which reconsider aliens and nationality matters in full.

The Migration Courts are located at four of Sweden's administrative courts. These are the Administrative Courts in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg and Luleå. The administrative courts are general administrative courts.

At these courts, you and the Swedish Migration Board will meet as two parties.

Appeal to the Migration Court of Appeal

If you are not satisfied with a determination made by the Migration Court, you can appeal to the Migration Court of Appeal, which reconsiders determinations in full made by the Migration Courts. The Migration Court of Appeal is located at the Administrative Court of Appeal in Stockholm. The Administrative Court of Appeal is a general administrative court.

The Migration Court of Appeal is the final instance and decisions made there will provide guidance for decisions of the Swedish Migration Board and Migration Courts in similar matters.

The procedure

For aliens and nationality cases, the procedure is basically the same as for other cases relating to reconsideration of public authority decision in full. There are, however, important differences. The Aliens Act and the Swedish Nationality Act in fact contain special provisions.

You can read via the links to the right how a matter generally proceeds in the general administrative courts and important differences in aliens and nationality cases.

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