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The administrative court can consider cases regarding, for instance, real property and income tax assessments. Most cases are referred to the administrative court following appeals against tax assessment decisions made by the Swedish Tax Agency.

The decision of the Swedish Tax Agency will contain information about how you can request reconsideration or appeal.

Read more about the procedure under the menu 'Litigation/Public authority decisions'.

The Tax Assessment Act applies for determination of the basis for, among other things, the following taxes and charges:

  • municipal and state income tax (for example, questions regarding deductions for travel to and from work)
  • state wealth tax (for example, questions regarding the value of shares or bonds)
  • state real property tax (for example, questions regarding the tax assessment value of a summer cottage) 

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More about taxes

Refer to the Swedish Tax Agency (link opened in new window) for further information about taxes and tax assessments.