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What to appeal against?

Application for residence permit, Swedish nationality and a decision on detention are some of the Swedish Migration Board´s decisions that you can appeal against. Some decisions that can be appealed against are described below:

Rejection of applications for various kinds of residence permit

A residence permit can be granted to an applicant who is already in Sweden or an applicant who is abroad. A person who is in Sweden can apply for asylum. Asylum is a residence permit that is given to a refugee. Consequently, if such an application is rejected, a decision will also be made regarding 'refusal of entry' or 'deportation', which means that the applicant must leave Sweden. Both decisions can be appealed against.

A decision of the Swedish Migration Board not to grant a residence permit to someone who is abroad and who, for example, wants to study or wants to be united with his/her family in Sweden, can also be appealed against.

New consideration of residence permit matters

Even if there is a final determination of refusal of entry or deportation that should be enforced, a residence permit matter may, subject to certain preconditions, be considered again by the Swedish Migration Board. This may, for example, happen when something has occurred in the person's home country, which means that it is impossible to return. A decision not to grant further consideration can be appealed against.

Decision on detention

The Swedish Migration Board can make decisions whereby a person's liberty is removed, that is, the person is held in detention. For example, such a decision can be made when there is a risk that the person will go into hiding when a decision on refusal of entry is to be enforced. Such a decision on detention can be appealed against.

Swedish nationality

A decision of the Swedish Migration Board on Swedish nationality can
beappealed against when it relates to a rejection of an application for
Swedish nationality, retention of Swedish nationality or release of Swedish nationality.

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More information

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