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To adopt

Adoption in Sweden means that the party who is being adopted should be deemed to be the child of the person(s) who adopted her/him and not the child of the biological parents. The legal bonds with the biological parents ceases entirely.

The adoptive child inherits and is inherited by her/his adoptive parents and her/his relatives. Swedish provisions regarding custody and maintenance also apply. An adoption cannot be revoked. 

In Sweden adoptions are decided by the district court following application. The court considers whether the prospective adoption is appropriate. A statement from the social welfare committee is always obtained in the matter. If the child comes from a non-Nordic country, a statement is also obtained from the Swedish Migration Board.

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More information

A person who wishes to adopt a foreign child can refer to the local social welfare committee or to the Myndigheten för internationella adoptionsfrågor, MIA (Swedish Intercountry Adoptions Authority, link opened in new window).