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Division of Marital Property

When a marriage ends, a division of marital assets is usually carried out.  When a cohabitation relationship ends, a division of assets is only carried out upon the request of one of the cohabitants. It is also possible to carry out a division of assets during the course of a marriage.

A division of assets should be drawn up in writing and signed by both parties. There is no specific document for this and the division of assets deed must be formulated in unison by both spouses/cohabitants.

Please notify the Swedish Tax Agency if you would like to draw up a division of assets during the course of your marriage. Once completed, you may register your division of assets deed with the Swedish Tax Agency. You may also register your division of assets deed in the event of a divorce. However, it is not possible to register a division of assets deed drawn up under the Civil Partnership Act.

If you do not agree
If you do not agree on how your assets should be divided, you can apply to the District Court for the appointment of a Property Division Executor. You are then liable to pay the fees of the Property Division Executor (usually a solicitor) who will decide what assets should be included in the division in addition to how they should be valued and divided between you and your spouse/partner. An application fee of SEK 900 is also payable to the District Court. Use the online payment service for application fees (link opened in new window). 

If you are not satisfied with the decisions made by the Property Division
Executor, you have the right to file an appeal with the District Court.
Read more on how to file an appeal under "Contentious cases".

For further information about division of marital assets, please visit: the Swedish Tax Agency website. 

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