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Cohabitees are two people, of the same or of difference sexes, who permanently live together as a couple and who have a joint household.

A cohabitee relationship ceases if the cohabitees or either of them gets married, if they move apart or if either of them dies.

When a cohabitee relationship ceases, a division of cohabitee property should be implemented on the request of either of the parties. Read more under the menu 'Division of marital/partnership property'.

Cohabitees can request the district court to appoint a cohabitee property administrator (read more under the menu 'Division of marital/partnership property') or institute proceedings to be allowed to take over a joint dwelling which will not form part of the division of cohabitee property.

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More information

Download or order the Government fact folder Cohabitees and their joint home - a brief presentation of the Cohabitees Act (link opened in new window).