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What should I do to pay damages awarded?

A person awarded damages by a judgment can contact the Enforcement Service and request collection before presenting a demand for payment to you. It is consequently important that you pay voluntarily and as soon as possible.

Usually you will not receive any 'bill' or any paying-in slip, but you must find out yourself how and to whom you should pay. The final judgment will state how much you should pay.

If you do not pay, you are at risk of the debt being referred to the enforcement officer for collection. Ultimately, you risk having a payment default recorded against your name. You will also be liable to pay further costs to the enforcement service.

Find out more under the menu 'Criminal sanctions' and on  Kronofogdemyndighetens webbplats (the Enforcement Service website, link opened in new window).

Senast ändrad: 2012-03-23