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Damages for victims of crime

If you are a victim of crime, you can receive damages (compensation) from the person who committed the offence. Such damages can relate to, for instance, compensation for destroyed clothing, a broken tooth, costs for medical care, pain and suffering, or personal violation.

The issue of whether you can get damages can be considered in conjunction with the criminal trial. In certain cases, the prosecutor is under an obligation to represent you. You must present your claim for damages no later than by the commencement of the trial, but preferably earlier.

The amount of the damages will be decided by the court, in accordance with established practice.

What should I do in order to get the damages that the court has awarded me?

Damages will not be paid to you automatically, unless the other party contacts you directly and you make arrangements for payment of the damages between yourselves. You can, however, obtain assistance from the enforcement officer with collecting the damages.

The court will send the judgment to the enforcement service. You will then get a written enquiry from the enforcement service asking whether you wish to have assistance with collecting the damages. They send this enquiry to everyone who has received a judgment for damages as soon as the period for appeals against the judgment has expired. Complete the standard form that you receive from the enforcement officer and submit it. This application does not cost anything for those who should receive damages.

If the person sentenced does not have any assets (the enforcement officer will give you written notice of this), you should make a claims report to your insurance company. You can of course make a claims report to the insurance company earlier if you like. Home insurance and personal accident insurance often provide compensation for damage and injury caused by crime. Remember that you may also be insured by your employer or your trade union.

If the person liable to pay you damages does not have any assets and you cannot get compensation from your insurance, it is possible in several cases to get compensation from the Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority. You can order standard forms to apply for crime victim compensation via Brottsoffermyndighetens webbplats (the Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority website).

You can also, on your own initiative, apply to the enforcement service for assistance with collecting your damages.

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More information

You can read more about what you should do to collect your damages on Kronofogdens webbplats (the Enforcement Service website, link opened in new window).