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Matters at court

Here, you can read about the situations where you as a private individual may come into contact with the court.

Common matters that the district court deals with are, for example, adoptions and divisions of marital/partnership property. The district court can also determine disputes between private individuals, for example, custody disputes. Read more about this under the heading 'Family'.

It is also the district court that, for example, makes decisions on bankruptcy, following an application. Read more under 'Debts and payment/Bankruptcy'.

The administrative court can determine disputes between private persons and authorities and can, for example, consider tax assessment decisions made by the Swedish Tax Agency or the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's decisions concerning, for instance, the right to sickness benefit, parental benefit or occupational injury compensation. Read more about this under 'Taxes' and 'Social Insurance' respectively.

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About the trial

Under the heading 'Legal proceedings', you can read about what happens in the court when a trial is held, what happens when giving testimony and what persons will be present in the courtroom.