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Administrative court judgments

Normally one legally qualified judge, together with three lay judges, will determine the case after it has been presented (verbal report) by a lawyer at the administrative court.

When presenting the matter, this lawyer will explain the facts in the case and also present the investigation that the court has made.

Sometimes an oral hearing is held on the initiative of either the court or a party in the case.

After a matter has been presented or a verbal hearing has been held, the court will deliberate on the matter. This means that the judges will discuss the case and agree on how they should adjudicate.

If they have differing opinions, they will take a vote. The legally qualified judge and the three lay judges have one vote each.

The judgment is sometimes pronounced verbally immediately following the deliberations. In other cases, the judgment is pronounced later, on a date to be determined by the administrative court. The court will always send the judgment by post to those affected.

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