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Case is determined at the county administrative court

You can appeal to the administrative court against decisions made by, for instance, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the Swedish Tax Agency or the municipal social services.

The administrative court will forward your appeal, together with other documents in the matter, to the other party. The other party will normally be allowed some time to respond. The response should be in writing, unless the court has decided that the answer may be provided at a verbal hearing. This is common in cases involving various kinds of compulsory care.

The other party should explain her/his position in the answer, that is to say, whether he/she consents to or denies what is said in the application, or if he/she accepts or opposes a particular measure. The other party should also state the reasons for her/his position and what evidence he/she refers to.

When the answer has been received, the court will forward it to the person who applied; so that you can express your views or only for your information.

This exchange of correspondence will continue until the case has been so well investigated that it is ready for determination.

The court has the ultimate responsibility for the case being properly investigated. Consequently, the administrative court may sometimes request supplements for the investigation or order the parties to produce the evidence on which they rely. The administrative court can also obtain information or statements from other public authorities.

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Will there be a hearing?

There will usually not be any hearing at the administrative court, but the case will be determined through the court considering and assessing the circumstances that form the basis of the case.