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Appeal to the administrative court

You can appeal to the administrative court against decisions made by, for instance, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Migration Board or the municipal social services.

If you want the administrative court to consider your matter, you should write to the administrative court and explain what you want it to consider and what you want the court to know about and take into account when making its decision.

The appeal should also contain:

  • profession and civic (ID) or company registration/organisation number
  • postal address and address of your workplace
  • telephone number to your home and workplace
  • other details of importance for the court to be able to reach you.

Remember to sign the appeal.

Where do I send the appeal?

You should send the appeal to the authority that made the decision. If you, for example, wish to appeal against a decision made by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, you should consequently only send the appeal there. You must submit the appeal within certain time after having received the decision. The latest date for appeals is stated in the decision.

The authority that made the decision will then consider whether the appeal has been received in good time. If it has, the authority will forward the appeal and other documents to the administrative court.

In the event that a person has appealed against a decision made by the Swedish Migration Board in aliens and nationality matters, the Swedish Migration Board will first reconsider its decision. If the Swedish Migration Board upholds its decision, the appeal will be sent to one of Sweden's three Migration Courts, located at the Administrative Courts in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg.

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