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A person who has been sentenced to prison will receive a special notice from the Swedish Prison and Probation Service (a so-called 'order') to attend an institution. The notice will also state within what time and at what institution the person should attend.

It is also possible to start serving the penalty immediately after the judgment has been made. In that case it is a precondition that you have given a so-called 'declaration of satisfaction', that is to say an assurance that you will not appeal against the judgment. It is possible to find out more about this at the district court or the institution where you attend. If the declaration of satisfaction will be given at an institution, you must also take with you the judgment or a judgment certificate, which you can get immediately after the trial, before the court has written out the judgment itself.

In certain cases, you can get a postponement with serving a prison sentence. A postponement can be granted for at most one year, normally computed from the date when the time for the appeal of the judgment expired. You can apply for a postponement to the Prison and Probation Service before the expiry of the period shown on the notice to attend.

A sentence of imprisonment can, in certain cases, be enforced through intensive supervision with electronic monitoring outside the institution. The Prison and Probation Service decides on this on the application of the person sentenced.

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More information

The Swedish Prison and Probation Service or the nearest local prison and probation authority can provide further information about the sentence of imprisonment.