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Intensive supervision with electronic monitoring (foot tag)

A person who has been sentenced to at most six months imprisonment* has the opportunity to serve the sentence in the form of intensive supervision with electronic monitoring, the so-called 'foot tag'.

The person sentenced will serve the penalty at home and may only leave home at certain times, for example, to go to work. Compliance with these times is checked electronically. Throughout the entire term of the sentence, the person sentenced must carry a transmitter, which communicates with the non-institutional care service through the telephone network. 

The non-institutional care service can provide further information about the specific rules that apply during the period that you are subject to the intensive supervision.

* NOTE: Sentences of imprisonment that form part of a judgment on probation, a substituted penalty for fines and cancellation of conditional release that had been decided by the surveillance board cannot come into question for intensive supervision.

How do I apply?

If you may be eligible for intensive supervision, the non-institutional care unit that operates in your home district will within two months offer you the opportunity to apply for intensive supervision. You will then get full information about what is required to get intensive supervision. If you have not received any information from the non-institutional care service or you do not wish to wait for the non-institutional care service to contact you, you can contact them yourself. Your judgment then ought to have entered into final force, that is to say, the period for appeals ought to have expired. 

You can find the address and telephone numbers to the non-institutional care service in the pink or yellow pages of the telephone directory under the heading 'Kriminalvården'.

Do not hesitate to contact the non-institutional care service if you are unsure about anything.

If you previously had intensive supervision, you can only get new intensive supervision if three years have passed and you have not, during this period, committed any offence that is subject to a more severe penalty than fines.

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