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Fines are determined in money, for example, fines of 800 kronor, or as day fines.

In the case of day fines, two figures are given, for example '40 day fines of 50 kronor' (that is to say, 2 000 kronor). The first figure shows how serious the court has considered the offence (culpability) and the latter figure is determined depending on the accused's financial situation.

Read more about fines on Polisens webbplats (the Police website, link opened in new window).

What should I do to pay a fine?

If you have been sentenced to a fine, you will receive a paying-in slip. If it has been misplaced, you can obtain a new one from the National Police Board, telephone 08-504 45 106. Payment should be made to the National Police Board's bankgiro 520-0910. State the order number or your civic registration (ID) number and name. In the case of payments via the Internet, you should state the order number as the OCR code.

If you have not paid within 30 days from when the period for appeals against the judgment has expired, you will get a payment reminder. If you then do not pay within two weeks, the matter will be handed over to the Enforcement Service for collection. This will result in further costs.

If you have received a letter from the enforcement officer and cannot pay the fines, it is important that you contact the enforcement officer. In some cases, you can get extra time to pay or pay in instalments, for example, if you are unemployed, ill or cannot pay for other reasons. If you do not pay voluntarily, the enforcement officer will collect the fines through attachment. Attachment means that the enforcement officer takes something that you own for payment of the fines.

The fines can in certain cases be transferred to imprisonment, from fourteen days to three months.

What happens if an appeal is made against the judgment?

Appeals against fines should be submitted to the court in writing. The judgment/decision will state the latest date by which you must have appealed against the judgment and what you should do. If the appeal has been submitted in good time, you can defer payment until the next instance has decided in the matter.

If your judgment has been changed by the court of appeal and you have already paid in more than that which the court of appeal decides, the National Police Board will repay the difference to you.

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