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Conditional sentence

If a conditional sentence is imposed there will be a probationary period of two years. During this probationary period, the person sentenced should conduct her/himself in an acceptable manner and maintain her/himself according to her/his capacity.

The conditional sentence may be combined with day fines and/or an obligation to perform unpaid work during a particular period (community service).

There is no check made as to whether the person sentenced has conducted her/himself in an acceptable manner during the probationary period. If the person who has been given a conditional sentence conducts her/himself in an unacceptable manner, the district court, following an application by the prosecutor, may either issue a warning, change a provision or decide that the conditional sentence should be replaced by another sanction.

If the person sentenced commits a new offence during the probationary period, the district court usually then revokes the conditional sentence and substitutes it with another and joint sanction for all the offences.

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