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Criminal sanctions

The sanctions (penalties) are:

  • fines
  • conditional sentence
  • probation
  • imprisonment
  • forensic psychiatric care
  • care of young persons
  • juvenile community service

Various sanctions can be combined.

Other sanctions for offences may be:

  • intensive supervision with electronic monitoring (foot tag)
  • damages
  • community service
  • transfer for special care

An offence may involve other consequences for the person sentenced. The court can sometimes decide that the person sentenced must surrender certain property that he or she has used in connection with the offence (so-called 'forfeiture of property') or that the person should be deported from Sweden (this only applies to foreign nationals).

The question of what should happen with the defendant's driving licence will be considered by the county administrative board.

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More information

Read more about sanctions on the Swedish Prison and Probation Service website, link opened in new window.