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Application for summons

The district court can deal with the matter if you and the other party cannot reach agreement. If you cannot reach agreement, you should in most cases submit an application for a summons to the district court in the district where the other party lives.

You can find the right district court by clicking on 'Sök domstol' ('Search for court').

1. Complete the standard form 'Application for summons'. The application should contain:

  • Details of the applicant's (plaintiff's) and the other party's (defendant's) name, civic (ID) registration number, postal address, telephone number. Details about the legal representative if the action is brought through her/him.
  • Details of the name and address of any counsel engaged. If you engage counsel, a power of attorney (authorisation) should be attached.
  • A specified request, for example, that the other party should pay a particular amount. Also state whether you request interest.
  • A comprehensive description of the circumstances (facts) that form the basis for what you request, for example, why the other party should pay the amount requested.
  • Details about evidence that is available and what it is intended to prove, for example, a loan agreement or invoice. Send written evidence as two certified copies.
  • If you have witnesses, you should state their names, addresses and telephone numbers. You shall also state what each witness will be questioned about. The court will give notices to the witnesses requiring their attendance.
  • If the applicant or other party is an organisation, company or association, a registration certificate for the company is required, which can be ordered from the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

2. Sign the application. If you have counsel, he or she should sign.

3. Pay the application fee of SEK 900 or SEK 2800 to the district court. Use the online payment service for application fees (link opened in new window). Which application fee you have to pay is due to the process. Contact the district court if you are uncertain about which application fee you must pay.

4. Send or submit the application at the district court, together with any registration certificate. State how the application fee has been paid.

If your application is incomplete, you will have to supplement it to enable the district court to deal with it.

The district court will then issue a summons to the other party. The summons is a direction for her or him to answer your application.

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If you need assistance

You can refer to an advokat (attorney's) office if you need assistance. Information about advokat offices are available on Advokatsamfundets webbplats (the Swedish Bar Association website, link opened in new window).